Talking Abilities Of The Afican Grey Parrot}

One of the wonderful abilities of the African Grey is that they are one of the best talkers amongst the parrot kingdom.  They have an amazing ability to mimic words and sounds.  This ability makes them one of the funniest parrots to own.  When the parrot is happy and healthy, their ability to memorize words and noises is an amazing experience for their owners, espeically new African Grey parrot owners.

Not only can the African Grey talk and talk well, they can develop a large vocabulary and to the extent that you can almost have a conversation with them.  Their ability also extends to stringing a number of words together to make a sentence.

Another ability they have is to copy the voice tone and words in the manner that is used when they hear them.  This can be good or it can be bad, depending on what they are saying!  One word of warning is not to swear in front of them, because before you know it they will be swearing at you and once a parrot learns to speak a certain word, it can be almost impossible to get them to drop words from their vocabulary.

Mimicking sounds

Their well developed hearing allows them to quickly copy sounds heard around the house.  It won’t be long before a happy parrot will learn to mimic the ring of a telephone or the door bell and many a parrot owner recalls how they have been caught with this way.


It is these abilities that make the African Gray parrot the friend that it is to its devoted owner.  I think all pet owners like to have a strong interaction with their pets and most certainly if the African Grey is treated correctly, the parrot owner won’t be disappointed.

He is a medium sized parrot of about 10 – 14 inches fully grown, which is an ideal size for a house parrot.  He is not as colorful as some of his fellow parrots, but his personality certainly makes up for that.

The African Grey is also a very personable bird which endears him to his owner.  In most cases, like any pet, the more personality they have they will have more interaction with their owner.  It will mean a great relationship for parrot and owner.