Serious Parrot Illnesses

Parrots are fairly fragile creatures and unfortunately get sick rather easily.  Parrots illness also tend to get worse speedily and may become fatal if the bird is not given immediate and appropriate care.  Therefore it is essential you can recognize various parrot illnesses and get your pet parrot to a vet for attention as soon as possible if it is unwell. 


If and does not want to be handled, it could well be that he is in pain.  Continual squawking could indicate that your bird is not feeling well, although there are other reasons why your parrot might be squawking.


Sick parrots might huddle on the bottom of the cage and avoid sitting on their perch.  Another easy to see sign of illness would be your parrot standing on its perch on two feet rather than one.  Parrots often balance on their perch on only one leg, especially when they are sleeping, so if your bird is standing on its perch with two legs more frequently than usual, it could well be that he hasn’t the strength to stand on one leg.


Sour Crop In Parrots


One of the more serious parrot illnesses is called sour crop.  A parrot’s crop is situated halfway down its esophagus and is designed to allow the bird to store food when it is plentiful.  It is exxential that the crop is emptied daily into the bird’s stomach or the food in it may become rancid and make the parrot suffer from sour crop. 


To find out if your parrot has sour crop by feeling just under the breast feathers.  A healthy crop will feel a bit like a soft balloon.  If this area feels slightly hard, however, your bird may have sour crop and it should be taken to the vet immediately for removal of the bad food in the crop. 


Sour crop is one of the commonly occurring, but serious parrot illnesses, and parrot owners should take care to ensure their parrot does not get it.  This would include feeding your parrot morning and night, removing any food before bedtime and not letting it nibble too much in between meals.  Ideally it is best if food is only left in the cage for half an hour and then removed. Also make sure that you do not leave rancid food in the bird’s cage, as eating rancid food increases the chance of the parrot getting sour crop. 


Good parrot care is one way to make sure that not only does your parrot pet live longer but that it has a happy healthy life and you as a parrot owner will find you have a dedicated companion for many years to come.