Parrot Illnesses: Sour Crop

A common illnesses that a parrot can encounter and shows a red alert signal for the vet is the infection called ‘sour crop.’ Sour crop or ‘crop stasis’ is a condition by which a baby parrot has an infected crop or a crop that has stale food in it causing problems. Sour crop most likely will cause other diseases inside the parrot which eventually results in death and this is why such a symptom should be identified and acted up as soon as possible.

Causes Of Sour Crop:

There are many causes for crop stasis and some of them include:

•    Obstruction

•    Viral diseases

•    Bacterial infection

•    Fungal infection

•    Metabolic diseases

Incorrect feeding: the wrong food and feeding method of young parrots might also cause an infection like this. Young birds that abe being hand reared, might show a symptom like this because of extremes of temperature in the food, improper consistency of the food or even the climatic conditions which might not suit the bird.


•    Diarrhea, vomiting or regurgitation
•    The crop is distended and over full
•    Lethargy – excessive sleeping, keeping their head under the wing, ruffled feathers indicate that the birds are too weak to stay awake and an immediate call for the vet is necessary.
•    Decreased appetite -the parrot will be in no condition for eating and this comes about because they are ill but also because the crop is infected.
•   The parrot will not respond to sounds or interact at all.

Treatment Of Sour Crop:

When you think your parrot is sick then check the symptoms of sour crop listed above, and if you think it may have sour crop you need to take your parrot to a veterinarian, so that he can immediately remove the spoiled food from their body as quickly as possible. In most birds, the food is removed from the crop through a tube passed orally. But this specifically depends on the size of the food and the condition of the bird.

Effects of sour crop in most birds will mean severe dehydration and a large intake of fluid is mandatory. So once the food has been taken from the crop the bird needs to receive a high intake of fluid.

Although it is more often very young birds that get sour crop older birds do too so don’t discount this parrot illness in older parrots either.  Effects of sour crop do harm your parrot quite severely and the negligence of any of its symptoms might cause to be fatal. This is why it is important to keep a regular check on your parrot in terms of their eating habits and general lifestyle.