Parrot Food And Diet

Parrot health are important to parrot owners because with the right diet a parrot has a chance to live many, many years and be a fun pet.  While it’s true, most species of parrots live a long time, there are a few issues towards maintaining a parrot’s health and ensuring an optimal quality of life. Unfortunately, for first time bird owners, proper parrot nutrition is often overlooked.

To be able to live its full lifespan and be free from disease and illness, a pet parrot needs a balanced diet. This means supplying much more than seeds alone, which are deficient in essential vitamins, minerals and protein for feather health and growth. Enriched pellets found in pet stores are best, as these are infused with essential nutrients. Weaning a parrot from a seed diet may take time and effort, but the results are worth it. A daily amount of vegetables, fruits and added protein such as a weekly hard cooked egg are also necessary.

Remember that there are some food precautions. Never feed chocolate or avocado to birds, as these are toxic. Fumes from overheated non stick cookware can kill a bird, so use with extreme caution. To maintain parrots health, schedule routine vet examinations.

Diet For Pet Parrots

A quality diet for parrots should be composed of pellet contribution and a significant portion of seeds mixed with fresh produce.  These pets can eat anything from and in order to keep them healthy and happy, a varied diet is best, but always include about 30% pellets on a daily basis to ensure vitamin and minerals are being taken.

Pellets are less likely to fatten the pet than the seeds which have a high fat content and pellets contain special vitamins and minerals essential for the healthy life of the pet. But being very intelligent, parrots may sometimes get bored if fed with the same meal every day, and hence some veggies, fruits and whole grain should form a good daily diet.

Vegetables and fresh fruits thoroughly washed and given chopped in bigger chunks for the pet to be able to peel and gnaw also makes a good diet for parrots. This makes it interesting for the parrot and as well reduces their boredom.
It is worth the effort to get your pet parrot eating a healthy diet is well worthwhile and then you can be satisfied that you are doing the best for your parrot.