Facts To Know About Parrots As Pets

Parrots as pets are quite popular with a lot of people due to the fact that they have turned out to be excellent companions through the years. As far as history goes, parrots are believed to be one of the oldest pets. It is believed that they were famous in Ancient Greece and gave companionship even to European Lords. In the USA only there are approximately 11 million tamed parrots. These birds are often referred to as winged rainbows. The most common ones are African grays, lovebirds, parakeets, cockatiels, Amazons, cockatoos and conures.

The parrot is a very cute and popular pet, but according to various parrot facts on pet husbandry, it is not that easy to take care of them. Parrot owners are accountable for the good health of these pets. If the parrot receive a care and attention, it will live for long years. Thus, there are a lot of factors that those who would like to own parrots must consider.

The first and probably, the most important factor is that parrots need your attention and time because they are social flock animals. If you are not able to give your parrot quality time every single day, it may have a bad impact on the bird. They can’t be left in their cages all the time and need to be taken out of them daily. You should give parrots all the attention you can and interact with them on a regular basis so that they do not become depressed. The second factor is that parrots need a lot of space so that they can stretch their wings, eat, rest and play with their toys. However, a large cage can sometimes prove to be very costly.

Next, parrots need a ton of care. They must be given fresh food to eat and water to drink daily. Any improper diet could make them ill or malnourished, which may often even shorten their lifespan. Thus, they should be given nutritious food to eat. They need to be taken to regular medical checkups and must be provided with proper medical care if they fall ill or injure themselves. Another factor which goes with care is cleanliness. Parrots are generally messy animals and may mess around in their cage with their food. And so, their cages should be cleaned on a regular basis. All the dropped, leftover food and waste must be taken out of their cages.

The third thing is that the parrots constantly make a noise, which the owner might not be able to endure. However, they must not be punished for talking and screaming because it is a kind of exercise for them which will keep them healthy.

Thus, only after keeping all these factors in mind will you be able to provide your parrot with the proper necessities. That is likely to help your pet to maintain its good health. And your healthy companion can easily make you fall for its elegance and beauty. Hence, talking parrots are wonderful to keep. Therefore if you are thinking of having parrots as pets, consider first the demands on your time and the requirements of your birds.