Choosing A Cage For The Eclectus Parrot

Most specialists agree that it’s unhealthy for the Eclectus parrot to live just in a parrot cage. He will need to be let out daily, so that he can move about the house and stretch his wings. You must provide a variety of safe perches in your home for the bird, and also ensure that you have parrot proofed your house.

While being free to wander about the house is crucial, having a cage is also crucial for your Eclectus parrots safety. He ought to be in his cage during his bedtime hours and at any point that you’re unable to watch him in your home.

Now, you may have one of those cute, old style type cages under consideration for your Eclectus parrot, but that simply will not do as it isn’t large enough. What you will require if your parrot is to be happy is one of the newer bigger parrot cages that from the floor is between 60 and 70 inches high. The base of the cage should be at least 24 inches by 36 inches.

Parrot gurus agree that you ideally should get the largest cage you can afford, as long as it meets these minimum size necessities. In other words, if you can afford a bird house that’s bigger that 60 x 24 x 36 inches, you should purchase the larger one.

The bars on the cage should be placed one inch apart, with bar thickness measuring an eighth of an inch in diameter. This is extremely important, as it plays a role in the play and exercise of your bird. They’ll climb the bars, and must be well placed to grip the bars with their feet.

You should also consider an aviary which has 2 sections. One section is used for quarters, and here’s where the Eclectus parrots toys, food dishes, and perches are. The second section is clear, but might have perches placed low in the cage, in the corners. The second section is commonly referred to as the flight cage, and will be big enough for the bird to spread his wings and fly a bit.

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