Caring For Pet Parrots

An increasing number of pet owners opt for choosing parrots for pets instead of usually taken at the birds and there is a good reason for this. Parrots have a long standing history of being exotic and highly intelligent, that were first kept as pets by the Romans. When parrots are chosen for house pets, owners need to understand how to care for them.

Choosing A Parrot Pet

Potential owners find there is a huge array of parrots to choose from, though the main points to consider is how much you want to spend and what temperament you want in your pet parrot. These are very relevant concerns when deciding on which breed to choose.

On one side you have the famous African Greys which are generally known to be the best “talkers” of the parrot world, though they do carry a fittingly hefty price tag. On the cheaper side there are Budgies and Parakeets which are also beautiful birds that carry a far lower price tag. More importantly than anything when considering parrots for pets, you should you should commit to being prepared to take care of your parrot for a very long time as many of these species are known to live for decades.

Care Of Parrot Diet

Good diet for parrots should comprise pellet contribution and a significant portion of seeds mixed with fresh produce.  These pets can eat anything from vegetables, grains, fruits and also animal proteins and in order to keep them healthy and happy, a diet consisting of all fruits and vegetables along with seeds and pellets is recommended.

Pellets are less likely to fatten the pet than the seeds which have a high fat content and more so contain special vitamins and minerals essential for the healthy life of the pet. But being very intelligent, parrots can sometimes get bored if fed with the same meal every day, and hence some veggies, fruits and whole grain should form a good daily diet.

Wash vegetables and fresh fruit thoroughly and give chopped in large chunks for the pet to be able to peel and gnaw also makes a good diet for parrots. This parrot care means that the parrot will be happier as it makes it more interesting for the parrot and are healthier diet choices which will also reduce boredom.