Talking Birds – Mynah Birds Can Talk For Real!

Talking birds

Animals and birds that mimic human speech sounds are always fun to watch and be around. Some of the more well known talking birds are parrots, but other birds can also mimic songs, sounds and tones and yes, some can also learn how to talk.

So, if you are looking for an unusual and unique feathered friend that can talk, then Mynah Bird may be the right pet for you.

Talking Birds – Mynah Birds

Of course you should know that these talking birds have to be trained to talk. The secret lays in repetition, consistency and praise.

However, before you start you should also know that not all birds can be trained to talk. Here are some tips on how to train your bird to talk:


Now that’s the way to go. If you want to have talking birds, you should say the same words and phrases over and over again, every day. Some people have tried to teach birds talk with tapes, but birds are better talkers when taught by people and not CDs or computer programs, designed to teach them how to talk.

2. Consistency

Be cautious when you talk around your bird. Because it will mimic any words that you use constantly even if those words are bad words.

And we all know that you don’t want to hear your talking birds utter those impolite words whenever you have visitors, don’t we? However, if that happens the best way to do deal with it is IGNORE IT.

3. Praise

And last but not least, praise. Every time your birds says the word you taught him to say, well praise him with a nice phrase something like “nicely done” or “good bird”.

However before you make your choice you should read these fun facts about talking birds, the Mynah birds!

Did you know that:

  • Mynah is know for being very lively and noisy bird. Well, that could be quite annoying!
  • This talking birds has an exceptional talent: It’s a great imitator. It can deftly mimic almost any sound it hears, either it’s a human sound or a sound of a vehicle!
  • Believe it or not the word “mynah” means “brimming with happiness or joy”.
  • You should know that mynah talking birds don’t want to live on their own.
  • They usually live in pairs or in flocks of twenty to thirty birds.
  • Did you know that the national symbol of Bali is a Mynah, while in India, the symbol of this bird is seen more as a symbol of everlasting love.