Exotic Birds and Parrots – The Benefit from Intelligently Designed Bird Toys

exotic birds

Parrots and other exotic birds such as macaws and cockatiels all benefit from having access to a large array and variety of bird toys; however the more stimulating the toy the better.

Unlike smaller birds such as finches, species of exotic birds are long lived and can live anything up to sixty years, and that is a long time to be bored.

Exotic Birds and Parrots –¬†Intelligently Designed Bird Toys

1. Combining puzzler type bird toys with other more conventional bird toys.

It is possible to place a small piece of food into the puzzle and the bird has to figure out how to get at the tidbit helps keep them alert and on the claws

2. Make a puzzle trail for the bird(s) and place the puzzler bird toys in different locations within their range

And believe it or not they will find them, open them and get to the treat inside.

3. It is great fun watching them find them and solve the puzzle, they never fail to please

However make sure there are several different puzzle bird toys so they do not become bored with the same old thing; imagine having the same crossword puzzle or Sudoku puzzle to do every day.

4. Giving the birds the option to search out their own food regardless of where they are housed

It enables them to develop and hone their naturally inquisitive instincts and stops the onset of boredom and lethargy in your exotic birds.

5. Remember that exotic birds are sociable and keenly aware of their surroundings

Therefore it is important to try and make their captive environment as challenging and varied as possible to keep them stimulated, motivated and happy.

A bored bird can easily become a stressed bird with all the inherent problems of feather pulling, screeching and other symptoms of stress.

6. Parrots and other exotic birds need regular input and stimulation

This is through the care and attention of their humans and to that end there is one bird supplies company the owners of which are long standing owners of their own flight of parrots, macaws and cockatiels.

The great care and accumulated knowledge over the years has enabled Chirp n Squawk to keep their customers well supplied, well informed and well placed to be able offer everything required for the best possible care for any exotic bird.

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