Solar Bird Bath: A Relaxing Feature In The Backyard

solar bird bath

Why would anyone want a solar bird bath?

When looking out into the backyard, one of the nicest things to see is birds enjoying themselves in the bird bath. For some reason, just watching birds playing in water is very relaxing, and just adding a bird bath to your back yard does wonders for the scenery.

Unfortunately, after a while, the birds might stop coming because as time passes, the bath gets covered in grime, algae and other filth. You’ve probably seen those bird baths with the dark green lining. Birds drink that water, too, so they’ll go to fresher baths.

1. Using Solar Power

I found the solution to this problem in an unusual method: solar power. Yes, a solar bird bath might sound a little too high-tech for such a low-tech object, but when I looked into it, it was so obvious. These were two great ideas put together.

An electric-powered bird bath works by cycling the water around, possibly through a filtering system, depending on the system, which keeps gunk from settling to the bottom and ruining the water. A solar bird bath generates this flow by powering the pump with solar-produced power.

2. Very Simple To Set Up

The great thing about having a solar-powered bird bath is that you don’t have to run an extension cord to the house or install a battery to change out every few months or so. Most solar bird baths on the market have the whole thing built from the get-go, so it’s just a matter of setting it up in a sunny spot and letting it work.

The technology has come far enough that you don’t need an unsightly solar panel set up outside the bath; it’s at the bottom of the bowl, underwater.

3. Fountain Style

Most of the bird baths I looked at had a bubbling action going, but some of the others also had the added feature of being built as a fountain. It looks even nicer than a regular bird bath, and the sound of the water is relaxing in itself. When I need to take some time away from my desk, I can just sit and look at it, listening to the water trickle.

And for some reason, the birds also love it. I guess everyone likes a good shower.

4. A Wide Selection

A variety of styles exist, so they’ll fit any garden setup. Most of the time, they’re built of concrete or marble, or some other stony material, but I found a rare few that are built of copper. This is easily a nice change of pace, and can add a good-looking contrast in your garden or back yard, or can complement many of the copper yard ornaments out there.

If you haven’t started designing your backyard space or garden yet, I’d highly recommend looking into a solar bird bath. I’ve seen them in every shape from an open flower to an octagon to a roman column. No matter what you’re planning, there’s going to be something that goes with it.

And when you’re done, lie back and watch the magic.