Imaginative Pet Bird Toys To Stimulate Their Inquiring And Questioning Minds

pet bird toys

Parrots, macaws and parakeets are extremely intelligent birds and are easily bored, and the results of boredom can result in screeching and noisy behavior as well as chewing of furniture, fixtures and fittings.

However, you can give them access to a few pet bird toys that will challenge and stimulate them. They will be much better behaved and far more docile when you give them pet bird toys.

Imaginative Pet Bird Toys

Many of the pet bird toys which encourage exotic birds and stimulate their natural inquisitiveness and curiosity are puzzle toys.

  • Puzzle toys

Puzzle toys are basically food dispensers in which small pieces of food and/or tidbits can be placed. The bird will then be left to its own to crack the code and get to the prize of food.

  • Placing foods in different areas

You can place pieces of bird pet food in different areas in the aviary or sanctuary, or around your home and let them look for these bird foods on their own.

These birds are clever, they are the prodigies of the avian world and in their natural habitat they would naturally hunt out for food supplies as an element of their natural behavior. This natural and instinctive behavior will be repeated in its captive environment and will go a long way to keeping them stimulated and free from boredom.

Birds boredom

Other symptoms of boredom may be shedding of plumage or the bird may begin to develop a habit of pecking at its feathers, which can result in sores and infections, and in the worst case scenario, can also lead to the birds untimely demise.

Exotic birds such as parrots and macaws need constant stimulation and dynamic input. To provide for them, pet bird toys and puzzles are essential in keeping them occupied and stimulated that will help them live out their full life span.

Some species are known to live many decades and it is not unusual to see a bird which was obtained for a child to keep as a pet until it will end up being looked after by that child’s grandchildren. This is the species’ longevity.

Exotic birds soak up information like a sponge, just like how children do in their early years. They are constantly looking, listening and learning about their environment. This manifests itself in the way they interact with their environment and surroundings.

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