What You Should Know When Buying Pet Bird Supplies

bird supplies

Pet bird supplies are essential for proper pet care. First time pet owners won’t have a hard time finding the right supplies if they start with the basics. The most necessary bird supplies are what will keep your pet alive and happy.

Buying Pet Bird Supplies

  • Bird cage

First on your pet bird supplies agenda is a cage. The cage should be appropriate to the bird’s height. Smaller birds should have longer cages. The lengthy space will allow them to fly around for exercise.

Parrots would enjoy climbing along long heights and flying around as well. Pet parrots also need the space to play. The cage is the biggest investment you’ll be making on the bird. Do not get cages made of very cheap and unreliable materials. Stay away from cages with lead and zinc content.

  • Perches and stands

The second most important of the pet bird supplies is their perch. Perches can be made of wood, plastic, or rope. Wooden perches are the sturdiest of the perches. Use this for birds with heavy weights or spend most of their time standing around.

To give the bird comfort, buy them a rope perch. Rope perches require maintenance since you have to trim the loose threads. Otherwise, you might end up entangling the bird. Plastic perches are a good deal if you want several perches in the cage.

Make sure the size of the plastic perch is not small enough for the bird to swallow. The bird should be resting on them, not choking on them.

One of the most helpful of the pet bird supplies is the cage stand.

Some stands contain compartments. Experienced pet owners who like to spoil their birds with toys and accessories should get the compartment filled stands. This will lessen the clutter in the bird’s cage. It will also let you keep track of the bird’s different accessories.

Homes that are designed in contemporary style or have very little space (like apartments) can get a hanging bird cage. The hanging bird cage takes up less space and doesn’t hassle you or the bird.

  • Bird toys

You can also opt to get your bird different toys. The more playful birds will enjoy playing with these toys. Make sure the toys are not small enough for the bird to swallow. The toys should also not have any toxic chemicals or ingredients.

Always ask the pet store or supplier about the toy’s materials to ensure the bird’s safety. The toy should also not entangle the bird. Don’t bother with the toy if there is a possibility of the bird’s wings or feet to get entangled.

The toys should also be appropriate to the bird’s size. Aside from the possibility of ingestion, the size should not overwhelm the bird. If the bird is too playful, it may end up hurting itself with the toy. The bird’s safety is much more important than its enjoyment.

Shopping for a bird is easy once you keep the basics in mind. Ask experienced pet owners to recommend shops with the most trusted products.

It’s also advisable to ask your vet or bird breeder what to remember while shopping for pet bird supplies.