The Fun in Learning Bird Sounds

bird sounds

When it comes to learning bird sounds by ear, you may think it will take a very long and strenuous process to learn them. This is sometimes true, but I will give you a tip that will help immensely in learning bird songs. Learn a phrase in the English language that go with the birds song.

For¬†example is the Barred Owl song: “Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all!” Those are the words that go with the owl’s song.

Learning these kinds of words to go with the song helps you learn them much faster. Here are more examples. Red Eyed Vireo song: “Here I am! Up in the tree! Look at me!” These are all part of the vireo’s song which is a variety of mixed chirps that are formed into measures. The Blue-Headed Vireo sound is very similar, but it is slower and has more of a warbler sound to it.

The Fun in Learning Bird Sounds

  • A fun part of doing this is that you can come up with your own words for a birds song!

Challenge yourself to come up with a funny yet accurate phrase for the birds song, and it will help with memorization.

Some bird songs may be too hard to come up with a suitable phrase for, so they are usually given just a sound effect or something. But each bird has some sort of phrase that is designed for its son.

It gets the thought out of your head that every bird sound is the same, which is usually the case with most people who are not birders. They get the thought in their head that all bird sounds are exactly the same and they will never be able to learn them. This is the ice breaker, you just have to realize that there is a lot of variation in bird sounds.

  • Do not be discouraged if you don’t think you can do it

The best birders in the world still do not know every bird sound in the world and they never will. No one can ever learn all the songs in the world, but you can learn all of them in the U.S., or your state, or wherever you live. Everyone has their area of expertise in bird songs, so it is a group effort to identify birds.