What Are The Humane Bird Control Methods

bird control

Many different types of bird control methods, with the purpose of getting rid of pest birds, are now out in the local market and are available to help anyone who has pest bird problems.

Bird deterrents ranging from old and traditional products and methods to new and sophisticated approach in bird controlling are now in-demand and continuously zooming on commercial market worldwide. There are plenty of products to choose from and can be used to eliminate, prevent or stop wild birds from roosting, settling and nesting near our property.

These devices come in handy and everyone who has problems with pest birds can obtain them without assistance from bird control companies or bird exterminators.

Nowadays, small and big time businesses which manufacture bird control products in the country are continuously developing methods and techniques to assist household and building owners on prevention and getting rid of the problems related to pest birds.

These companies know the essential of these products so they constantly enhancing the way these tools perform.¬†However, while we want to keep these uninvited guests away to our places, we want also to implement a bird control method which doesn’t involve violent methods such as fire extermination or mass killing.

If you are planning to buy or thinking of using a bird deterrent device, we strongly recommend employing a humane method to eradicate pest birds. We encourage every one to use a humane bird control method when controlling birds.

Humane Way Bird Control РGetting Rid of Unwanted Birds

Humane bird control methods which you can use and implement includes bird spikes and bird scare products.

  • Bird spikes and bird scare products

These two kinds of bird repellents will not harm the birds in any way. Their main goal is to keep the pest birds from landing on to a certain area such as roofs, gutters, ledges and roof spaces. They will prevent the birds from staying and will discourage them to settle into those specific areas.

Bird control spikes

Bird control spikes can be installed even without assistance from bird control specialists. They just need metal or plastic screw to stand; others can be mounted with special adhesives or glue. These tools need less or no maintenance at all as well.

Once mounted on a flat surface, you can leave them right away. Bird spikes are effective and powerful tools when it comes to keeping away pest birds in your surroundings.

Bird scare products

On the other, a bird scare product or visual dummies can scare pesky birds thus daunting them to land on properties and nearby places. A traditional dummy which is a very useful tool in getting rid of pest birds is the scarecrow. This dummy is used way back when birds feast on crops and plants.

Today, many bird scare device are coming out in the commercial world and we can choose from many different forms and colors. Usually, they are made with plastics or hard rubber to withstand any kind of weather. A replica of eagles, hawks and other large predator birds are being used to scare smaller birds.