Why Opt For Bird Watching Trip to Bellavista in Ecuador?

Bird Watching trip

Blessed with Amazon rain forest, Ecuador in South American continent has many places wherein innumerable bird species inhabits. The country carries the potential to attract bird watchers from different pockets of the world almost all throughout the year.

Places like Mindo, Tinalandia, Bellavista, Tandayapa etc are prolific bird watching trip destinations. While Mindo has been a favorite for many bird watchers, Bellavista has become second favorite destination that is attracting nature lovers to a great extend.

Tourists looking for Amazon travel in Ecuador are choosing Bellavista as an ideal place for bird watching trip. The probable reason might be its rich biodiversity of plants species and birds life.

Bird Watching Trip to Bellavista

1. Perfect climate for bird watching trip

The cloud forest of Bellavista spreads at an elevated height ranging between 2600 meters above sea level. The entire forest area experiences an average temperature of 14-22 degree Celsius and hence, attracts tourists round the year.

2. Many plant species on the area

While walking through the forest, tourists will find good number of epiphyte, a plant species which grows upon other plant species. Besides this, Bellavista is home to large varieties of orchid plants, bromeliads and other exotic species of plants and trees. The most interesting fact about this natural reserve is that tourists will find blossoming flowers in all seasons of the year.

3. The home of about 320 bird species

In addition to plant species, Bellavista is home to about 320 bird species including Tanager-finch, Giant Antpitta, Swallow-tailed Nightjar, Plush-capped Finch, White-faced Nunbird etc. Out of the many, the most commonly found birds are the colorful Tanagers and the Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan and different sub-species of humming birds.

By using photographic equipment, birdwatchers can capture the movements of multi-hued birds in Ecuador.

4. There are also wild mammals

Other than vivid birds and plant species, the dense forest areas of Bellavista is the habitat for wild mammals including Spectacled Bear, Puma, Andean coati etc. This jungle is so huge and requires few days to explore it fully.

In order to experience the best of bird watching trip in this birding zone in Ecuador, tourists can make a decision to stay at jungle lodges situated in close proximity to Bellavista reserve. For easy booking of accommodation at jungle lodges in Ecuador, vacationers can seek assistance from tour operators in the country.

Tour Packages in Ecuador

A few tour operators in Ecuador are known to provide tour packages for birding in Ecuador. If you are interested to enjoy bird watching trip in Bellavista or any other specific birding destinations in-and-around the country, then you can think about taking assistance from professional tour service providers.

Some of the tour operators are known to provide customized tour itineraries to meet the choice and budget of the travelers.

So, you must plan out a bird watching trip to Ecuador and explore the life and habitat of wonderful bird species!