Experience Bird Watching Tour in Cuyabeno National Park

Bird Watching Tour

Located in the Amazon region of Ecuador, Cuyabeno National Park is home to more than 500 species of birds. This wildlife reserve is blessed with rivers, lagoons and Amazon rainforests and hence is characterized by its rich biodiversity. The ancient trees, giant palms, orchids and many species of birds and animals are worth-watching.

Bird Watching Tour in Cuyabeno National Park

  • Cuyabeno National Park experiences favorable climate all throughout the year.

Tourists from different parts of the world visit the park and take pleasure to explore the habitat of multihued birds. The region is mostly visited by those birdwatchers that trek through the thick forest areas and take pleasure to capture the moments of the birds.

  • Besides bird watching tour, tourists can encounter the different species of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

The lake inside the Cuyabeno National Park has 450 species of fishes. Birdwatchers can rest for a while by the side of the lake and can enjoy watching the species of fishes in the pristine water of the lake.

  • Cuyabeno National Park has lots more in store for nature lovers!

In order to experience wilderness at the fullest, one can opt for staying at the jungle lodges of Ecuador. The lodges has been constructed with bamboos, thatched roofs etc to give an eco-friendly appeal to the visitors.

Now-a-days, this has become a popular choice for vacationers in Ecuador. And owing to this, a number of bird watching tour companies have come up to offer accommodation facilities in the Amazon jungles.

In order to have credible accommodation services, one can look out for tour operators who have in dept knowledge about the Ecuador and the staying options over there. If you are among the many birdwatchers who want to have bird watching tour in a comfortable way, then you can contact some reliable tour operators of Ecuador.

They not only provide affordable staying option in the jungle lodges but also offer birding tour packages at affordable rates. They offer tour itineraries which include prolific birding destinations such as Cuyabeno National Park, Mindo, Bellavista, Tinalandia and other places which are well-known for bird watching tour.

Besides having pre-planned tour packages, you can also expect to have customized tour packages according to your budget and needs.

Some tour operators in Ecuador have online presence. If you desire to have an affordable bird watching tour package from authentic tour operators, then you can make an online research for their websites. It will take few minutes to find websites providing information about birding in Ecuador.