What You Should Know About Bird Watcher Professional

Bird Watcher Professional

Bird Watcher Professional is regarded as the best free bird watching software and it has got many good points that have made bird watchers from different parts of the US and the world maximize these features.

To begin with, Bird Watcher Professional is great free bird watching software because it is very easy to use and it does not take more than having to enter information into different data fields before the software is able to do its job.

Bird Watcher Professional

If you’re impassioned about bird species and desire to discover more in all chance you’re going to need to buy books, mags or perhaps software and then you might or might not essentially be satisfied with your purchase.

Why not make use of free bird watching software such as Bird Watcher Professional and enjoy the detailed information provided about different bird species?

1. Allows you to keep tabs regarding date of sighting particular bird species

This free bird watching software allows you to keep tabs regarding date of sighting of a particular bird species and also the time when the species were sighted.

2. Keeping track with the name of birds

Also, it allows you to keep track with the name of the bird that was sighted and also the numbers of birds sighted as well as description of the location where the birds were sighted.

3. Allows you to take down note

And because this free bird watching software also lets you note down the address of the location where particular bird species were sighted and also, the rank of the birds that were sighted.

You can make notes about the gender¬†of the bird and enter field notes as well as keep tabs regarding the name of the individual that sighted the bird ; and, there’s a lot additional information you can store too.

4. Keeping track of huge  number of bird sightings

This free bird watching software allows you to keep track of a huge number of bird sightings and it is also possible to import photos (maximum two) of each of the different birds that were sighted.

For a free bird watching software, Bird Watcher Professional offers a lot of useful features and if you cannot or do not want to pay for the more expensive bird watching software then this is certainly your best bet.

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