What Are The Considerations When Making Homemade Bird House?

Homemade Bird House

There are few things better on a spring morning, than going outside to listen to the birds; well, the only thing that can make this better is the fact that you discovered how to make your homemade bird house to get them there in the first place. But is learning how to make a homemade bird house something that you think you’ll be able to do?

Just imagine it for a moment; it’s a warm spring, weekend morning, and you go outside with your coffee, just to relax before getting on with those household jobs that you know you have to do. You’re sitting there in the peace and quiet, just longing to hear the twitter of a bird in your garden; but there’s nothing.

Then you notice that the neighbor down the road has a bird feeder and a homemade bird house, and that’s where they’re all flocking to; so what can you do to bring the beautiful bird song back to your yard?

Make Your Homemade Bird House

Most people would just go out and buy a bird house or bird feeder, which is fine, for them, but you want to be different, right? Why have an expensive shop bought bird house when you can get designs plans and discover how to make your own homemade bird house that will suit your backyard?

You won’t look like you’ve just gone for the easy option, and you can take pride in watching them enjoy the homemade bird house that you’ve built.

Considerations When Making Homemade Bird House

Of course, you’re going to find a number of books and magazines, as well as places online, that will show you how to build homemade bird house; but there are a number of things that you’re going to have to remember to take into consideration when thinking about using these plans.

1. One of the first is what species of bird these homemade bird house plans are designed for.

Are the plans appropriate for the types of birds that you would expect to see in your part of the country? If you have larger birds than the plans allow for, will it just be a case of scaling up the dimensions, or will you have to look for a new set of plans instead?

2. When choosing the ‘how to make a bird house’ plans you’ll also need to think about the skill levels required to finish the project.

Although it may sound like one of the easier projects that you can take on, that isn’t always the case. Some of the homemade bird house plans can get quite elaborate, and if you don’t really have the know how to follow the plans, you could end up with a monstrosity that works better than a scarecrow on a chilly moonless evening in a howling gale

3. If you have the skills, pick the plans that have more sophisticated look.

If, on the other hand, you do have more than a few basic skills when it comes to DIY, you may find that you can pick up some plans on how to build a homemade bird house that has a more sophisticated look.

Having the ability to build something that’s more bespoke means you’re going to be able to have a homemade bird house in your backyard that feels as though it could have been there from the very start.

4. Look up some of the prices to compare with

I’m sure that you have, before now, had a quick look at some of the prices of commercial houses, right? Did they seem like value for money to you? Many will be reasonably cheap, but they usually look it, don’t they?

If you want a nice one that’s going to sit in pride of place in your backyard you’re going to have to pay more than you were initially planning on spending, and that’s where knowing how to build one is going to save you money, too.

5. You may decide not to go for all of the exotic wood that you could probably use.

But you have the choice if you’re building it from some of the great plans that you’re going to find. You may be able to use wood that you already have, or you may be able to source the materials and still make it cheaper, and better, than if you’d bought a budget bird house in the shops; that’s the advantage of knowing how to make one of your own.

So, on that nice, warm, spring morning, when you have your cup of coffee, and decide to sit outside to listen to the bird song, you can smile with pride knowing that you built your very own homemade bird house for them to enjoy, and all it took to get started was knowing where to find the best ‘how to make a bird house’ plans.