5 Helpful Tips To Consider Before Deciding Which Chicken Coops To Build

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There are quite a few books about which Chicken coop to build. But I prefer to search on the internet because it’s easier for me to make comparisons among many others. After a few hours surfing the net, I came across a good guidebook on how to build functional chickens houses. The guidebook also come with many plans to build chicken coop, plus many practical yet very good-looking designs.

If you are one of those people who are thinking of building their own Chicken coop, then you won’t only save a lot of money, but also enjoy the fruits of your labor by building your own. You can add in your own imagination and improvise to make your chicken coop more functional.

However, before you build a chickens coop from the plans you found, it is important that you consider these five tips.

5 Helpful Tips To Consider On Building Chicken Coop

1. Consider The Appearance of the Hens House

The look of the chicken coop must be pleasant-looking and appeal to the surroundings. This is to encourage the neighbors to feel at ease with your hens house and not give them reason to complain.

2. Design and Usability

The design of the chicken coop should cater for easy cleaning and disinfecting works. The floor of the chicken coop should slant towards the door for easy hosing down and prevent puddling in the coop. The doors and windows can be opened or closed as needed.

3. Protection for the Hens

Beside the elements of weather, the hens should be safe from attacks of predators like foxes, badgers, raccoons and even dogs. Thus, the chicken coop should be built on a slightly higher ground to prevent sudden flooding. The whole designated area should we bounded by chicken wire which is buried a foot deep into the soil to prevent the predators digging to get in.

4. Coop Ventilation, Light and Heat Source

At times of inclement weather, the hens should be locked up in the hens coop. There must be adequate airflow throughout the chicken coop for good ventilation. For chickens houses in colder regions, the wall of the hens house must be insulated.

For the chickens to be good layers, they should not encounter stressful environment. The hens coop should remain warm and airy so that the hens can lay lots of eggs throughout the year.

5. Waterers and Feeders

Waterers and feeders should be placed appropriately to give easy access to your flock. A happy chickens are those that are well fed, well housed and well protected.

Given all the tips for a successful rearing of chickens, you would now have to consider what chicken coops to build. Whether you want to spend lots of money on ready-made coops, or buy a reasonably priced guidebook with plans to build chicken coops and build it yourself.

I talked it over with my husband, and we decided not to spend our hard-earned money on a ready made hens coop. So I downloaded the guidebook, went through it a few times, took notes and headed to the hardware store to get tools and materials. My young children had the opportunity to help as well as claim their stake in the hens house by having their hand prints on the doors and windows.