Bird House Kits – Use Bird House Kits As An Educational Tool

bird house kits

If you enjoy bird watching I assume that you enjoy birds out and care about them. Some people are lucky enough to watch birds from their porch. If you have a porch and a place to hang a bird house then buying a bird house kits may be for you. Having one so near the house can give you hours of enjoyment.

If you have a particular bird in mind than adding a bird feeder to your lawn will enhance your chances of seeing that bird. And if your bird house meets that bird’s expectations it may use it for nesting. But different species of birds have different wants and desires in the house if they choose to live in. That’s why it’s important to choose you bird house kits properly.

Bird House Kits As An Educational Tool

1. Bird house kits are fun and economical.

They’re usually so easy to make that a child could do it. In fact, it is a great family project. If you want a particular bird species to come to your house you have to do some research

2. Getting your child to help you with the research about bird house kits is educational and fun.

The excitement on your child’s face when they find out what the bird eats and what type of house it lives in is unforgettable.

3. Making the bird house with your child

If you really want take it to the next level you can decide to make the birdhouse yourself. They’re very easy to make and children love the process. Bird house kits can be too easy to make. Making it from scratch will teach your child some basic woodworking techniques and how to cut and measure. It is always more special to see something built from the ground up.

4. Going with specific bird house kits

As I mentioned earlier if you are looking for a specific bird you have to go with a specific bird house kits. This will fascinate your child and encourage them to learn more about the bird. They will then want to see bird house plans and help you choose which one.

They will learn that the size and location of the entrance hole is important. And that the size and shape of the house is also important.

Buying a kit takes those options away from you. You are at the mercy of the manufacturer and cannot do anything about it. The quality of the wood is also out of your hands. So you do take those chances when you choose to buy a kit. You have total control of the project when you build it yourself.

5. You get to choose a bird house plan you prefer

One good thing about choosing to build your own bird house is that there are several free plans available. And overall, there are hundreds of plans to choose from. Looking over several plans will give you a good idea of which birdhouse you would like to build. My only criticism of the free plans are that they are free for a reason. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

The basic characteristics of any bird house is that it is well ventilated and has drain holes. Commonly the roof overhangs the walls so that rainwater does not get in to the house. It is also common for ventilation holes to be drilled at the top of the walls where the roof overhangs. Drain holes in the floor are essential so that waste and water escape. If you do purchase a kit make sure these traits are part of it.

6. You can turn this whole process into a family project.

Everyone will learn something new and it will bring you closer together. The fact that your child realizes that you care about nature will make a big impression on their lives. They to will now care about nature and they will know a lot more about birds.

Whether you choose bird house kits or to make your own you will feel a sense of pride after you have hung it in your tree or mounted it. When the house is actually starting to be used you will feel the joy of knowing that you had a hand in mother nature’s work. Your children will be overjoyed.

And when your kids tell their friends don’t be surprised if they want you to build them birdhouse is also, and help in the process.