Zebra Finch Feeding – What You Should Know About It?

zebra finch feeding

Zebra Finches are found to be native to the Australian tropics, living in dry areas. They are definitely a hardy range of grass finch and were often found in grassy or brush lands, open areas, pastures and fields.

In natural habitats, their usual food was grass seed. They gained recognition as cage pets because of the ease in caring for them and their cheerful dispositions.

Zebra Finch Feeding

1. More seeds, supplemented with other foods

When zebra finch feeding, it should be composed of primarily seeds, supplemented with other foods selected like fruits, like apples or pears, and plants, such as spinach, alfalfa or lettuce.

Other foods like mashed up hard boiled eggs, bread or corn bread make good additions to their diet. Most natural foods can be eaten when zebra finch feeding. You can try experimenting with different foods to see what your bird likes and doesn’t like but make sure you avoid foods like peppers and cabbage as they may cause problems with your finches digestive tract.

2. Do not feed with too much extra food

On zebra finch feeding, do not feed your bird too much of the extra food, only as much of the fresh food as they can consume in twenty four hours. Remove uneaten food before it has got a chance to rot. Check frequently to see that their food bowl is clean and to keep their food bowl filled with seeds.

3. When zebra finch feeding, make sure to clear and refill the bowl

Often the bowl may still look full of seed, but is really just crammed with the empty shells of eaten seeds, so it is important to clear and refill the bowl often.

These birds are hardy, and a regular food supply is necessary for their survival.

They make great pets and their companionship with you and the others birds in the cage is delightful to observe and experience. If you have not been around this active, cheerful bird you may want to switch to finches because they can make a good social companion, are fun to look at and are easy to care for as a pet.

Marjorie J McDonald has written a great book on how to pick out and take care of your finches as your new pets. Caring for your Finches can be easy to do with this educational Finch guide.