Yankee Bird Feeder

Yankee Bird FeederA Yankee bird feeder stands out as the excellent addition for your property, attracting probably the most gorgeous native birds where you live directly into your back or front yard. You may enjoy spending relaxing moments during the day watching numerous birds flutter freely to your feeder, snack on the snacks you packed the feeder container with, and fly away.

When you finally select the best type of feeder for your space, you’ll next be capable to add-on some optional features that can enrich both your satisfaction of the product as well as the bird’s enjoyment and use, too!

Yankee bird feeder Specifications

There are many terrific optional features that you need to consider for the Yankee bird feeder. A number of these features are ideal for adding onto most models, however you should read the specifications before your purchase.

  • You can purchase a double-arm mount and hanger that may be just perfect for mounting your feeder to an awning pole or perhaps the side of your home.
  • The Shepherd?s Envy Pole stands at a height of 68 inches and features a three-prong foot that’s perfect for placing the pole and feeder at any location around your yard.
  • You can get a power stick, which happens to be suitable for charging up the motorized feeders that will flip squirrels off the perch when their sensor motors sense that a squirrel has landed on the unit.
  • An omni-seed tray is a great choice for most feeders because it gives the birds an extra perch as well as catches much of the mess that birds leave behind when they are feeding.

These are just a handful of the features that you could add on to your Yankee bird feeder to make sure that you get just about the most use and satisfaction from it. Spending some time examining exactly what these and various available features may be best for the feeder and your garden today.