Wooden Bird Feeders – Which Wood Is The Best Choice

Wooden Bird Feeders

Wooden bird feeders are great to look at in your yard and the birds love them. But, there are so many choices to look at, which is the best choice for my yard?

There are many different types of wood that a wooden bird feeders might be made from. We will take a look at two of the favorite choices and try to decide which is best for you and your birds. The first wood we will consider is pine. The second choice of wood we will look at is cedar.

Kinds of Wooden Bird Feeders

1. Pine Wood

Pine is a very popular wood for many projects. Your home is probable made from some type of pine or fir. It is a very easy to work wood. It withstands the weather well if treated with some type of preservative.

There is where the problem comes from using pine as a wood of choice for wooden bird feeders. Many preservatives can be harmful to wild birds and other types of wildlife. If you are considering a pine feeder I would suggest you find an unfinished one and treat it yourself. A company called Gardener’s Supply has a new wood treatment product that is all natural.

Pine will provide several years of use untreated, but just be aware that it will start to deteriorate and not look as good as when you first hang it in your yard. If you want to stay away from all types of preservatives, even natural ones, then you may want to consider going to a cedar wood.

2. Cedar Wood

Cedar is a good choice for any outdoor project including the creation of wooden bird feeders. It is good looking and will weather to a nice gray hue. Cedar stands up well to weather without any preservative. It contains natural oils that protect the wood fibers from the elements.

Many bird feeder manufacturers made their wooden bird feeders out of cedar simply because they sell so well. The look of the cedar wood is strong selling point. It is a natural product grown in nature, so it looks good displayed in nature.

An added benefit to a cedar product is the smell. If you have never smelled anything made from cedar you are in for a treat. The wood has a very distinctive odor that you will love. I think the birds like it too, as they seem to flock to the cedar feeders.

Which Wood Is The Best Choice?

Whatever wooden bird feeder you decide upon, either pine or cedar, you will enjoy having a bird feeder in your back yard. Pine is ok, if you know what you are going to experience ahead of time, but cedar looks good and will last much longer.

The choice is yours and the birds will appreciate having food through the year to supplement their natural diet, no matter the wood the feeder is made from.