What Do You Have To Know About Platform Bird Feeders?

Platform Bird FeedersIf you cannot decide exactly what type of bird you would like to attract to your backyard, then choosing the best bird feeder for your needs may actually be easier than you think.

There are feeders available that will allow you to attract a variety of birds so that you do not have to devote your backyard to just one species.

If you are looking for a versatile bird feeder, then platform bird feeders may be the best option for you.

Platform Bird Feeders

These types of feeders are precisely what their name claims them to be.

1. Platform bird feedersĀ are literally a flat top with a small perching area for the birds, usually resembling what looks like a small box that can either be hung or positioned on the ground as a table.

2. The bottoms of platform bird feeders are usually some type of screen or tray that allows the food to drain and remain dry. Many can also be easily removed for effortless cleaning. Typical trays are made from either plastic or metal.

3. These are multi-purpose because you can essentially put any type of bird food in the feeder. Anything from seeds, nuts, bread or even mealworms is an acceptable form of food for these feeders. Essentially, if a bird will eat it, feel free to put it in a platform bird feeder.

4. These will attract the biggest variety of birds to your backyard and will also allow many birds to feed at the same time. On top of perching birds, you will also attract ground feeding birds.

Potential Problems with Platform Bird Feeders

1. One potential problem with platform bird feeders is that bird food needs to stay dry. Although, they come with draining bottoms, you may also want to consider purchasing a feeder that is covered to help protect the food from spoiling.

2. Another challenge with these feeders is that you may have troubles keeping the squirrels away.

But that being said, these platform bird feeders are also quite affordable, with a standard model averaging at approximately $25. Larger and more sophisticated models that are more decorative and offer better quality materials are also available and can run up to nearly $60.