Homemade Bird Feeders – How to Make Them From Simple Recycled Bottles?

Homemade Bird FeedersIf you are into bird feeding, like millions of others, then you probably know quite a bit about the different types of bird feeders and homemade bird feeders.

They are commercially available in a huge variety of fancy shapes and sizes which leaves you quite confused. But unless you specifically want something decorative, you don’t have to go through the time and expense of analyzing bird feeder reviews to help you decide on what to buy.

Making Your Own Homemade Bird Feeders

You can make your own homemade bird feeders which is just as effective and draws the birds just like any fancy imported bird feeders.

When you come to think of it, birds are after their bird seed or nuts or suet or whatever is their favorite food, and they’re not too concerned about how it is served. To make easy homemade bird feeders is by the recycled bottle bird feeder which will cost you next to nothing.

All you need are some bits and pieces which you will be throwing out anyway. The advantage in a recycled bottle bird feeder is because it is so inexpensive and easy to make, you can have as many as you want in your garden or backyard.

The message will soon get across the feathered world that your place is.

To make a recycled bottle bird feeder you’ll need the following:

  • A large clean plastic bottle
  • Chopsticks, barbecue skewers or straight sticks of about 8 to 10 inches to use as perches
  • Metal screw hooks
  • Glue
  • A knife, awl or any tool with which to drill hole

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Screw the hook into the center of the cap
  • Cut holes across the bottle for perches about 1 inch off the bottom. Insert your skewer or chopstick so they project evenly on both sides.
  • You could make another set of perches about 6 inches higher and perpendicular to the first set.
  • Cut holes for feeding ports above each perch. The holes should be just large enough to allow the seed you use to pass through.
  • Fill the feeder slowly with birdseed. If your feed ports are too large and spilling out seed you can make them smaller with some adhesive tape.
  • Your recycled bottle bird feeder is ready for business. Hang it off a convenient branch or hook outside and wait for your feathered guests to arrive.

If you’d like to improve on your homemade bird feeders, you could suspend a small plate below it to act as a seed catcher. Another good idea is to drill a small drain hole in the base to let any moisture flow through.