How to Choose The Best Backyard or Garden Bird Feeder

Garden Bird Feeder

The first step in choosing a backyard or garden bird feeder is to think about the kind of the birds you want to attract. Don’t forget that you can only attract birds that either live in your location or whose migration route passes through your area.

There are many varieties of bird feeders available, in many different styles, colors and sizes. It’s really down to which type of birds you want to attract and how much you want to spend.

Here are 5 different garden bird feeder to help you make the right choice

1. Platform feeders

This is a flat table like feeder used for feeding sparrows, and larger birds. Normally placed in between a couple of tree branches or on a pole for your garden bird feeder, it can be a very simple and inexpensive design, consisting of a flat surface covered in seeds.

The main disadvantage is that a platform feeder will attract “nuisance” animals such as squirrels and crows.

2. Tubular feeders

A better option is to buy a tubular feeder that holds the seeds in a plastic or metal tube, with feeder stations or perches that allow the seeds to drop into a small area for the birds.

The smaller opening makes it harder for rodents reach in and grab the seeds. You can easily hand this type of garden bird feeder from a tree or bird feeding station to attract birds.

3. Hopper feeders

Hopper feeders are at the top of tree in terms of size and choice of designs for garden bird feeder. The seeds are stored inside the feeder until the feeding area is empty and then the hooper automatically replenishes the seeds from the storage area.

Hopper feeders normally store a large quantity of seed, reducing the times you have to refill. Before restocking the hopper make sure you clean out the feeding area first, to prevent a build up of waste which could stop the hopper working correctly.

4. Window feeders

A bird watcher’s delight, window feeders enable you to watch birds feeding at a close range. Just two small disadvantages with this type of feeder.

Firstly, birds have a tendency to build nests in window feeders, which is great, but it prevents other birds from using this feeder. The second minor problem is that they tend to hold only a small amount of seed, which means more frequent refilling.

5. Squirrel Proof Feeders

If you have a problem with these cute but irritating animals then consider buying a few specially made squirrel proof bird feeders.Yes, they do exist and they work. This type of feeder have been designed specifically to confound and confuse squirrels.

However squirrels are clever and can often be seen taking seeds from poorly positioned bird feeders or feeders that have not been maintained properly.

Many of this kind of feeder are based on spring loaded perches designed to either close or collapse perches when a squirrel climbs on to the garden bird feeder. Some have inbuilt motors that will spin the feeder and gently toss the squirrel to the ground. Great fun to watch.

To really enjoy watching birds feeding in your garden, consider purchasing different kinds of these bird feeders. This will attract many interesting species and your backyard will be swarming with birds throughout the year!