What Are The Tips In Making A DIY Bird House Feeder?

Bird House FeedersIf you are looking for child-friendly activities, why not try one involving DIY bird house feeder?

This is a good way to teach children about wood works and this is also something you can use to help them identify local bird species. This can become a great bonding activity.

DIY Bird House Feeder

In this case, you need a couple of tools as well, you need a hammer, drill, and a saw. For this particular project, at this point, it is too early to determine the specific kinds of birds that are to be expected when the bird house feeder has been built.

On this project, being imaginative is encouraged. Some people like their bird house feeder to be simple while some opt to have one with bird baths and nest boxes. It is important that you follow a few things if you want to successfully make a bird feeder.

1. Try to use plywood that is about 5/8 to 3/4 inch thick.

In order for the bird house feeder to have the ability to withstand the elements, you need some durable plywood. The design of the roof of the bird house feeder should be in a slating position to allow the water to fall to the ground.

2. To have some form of drainage, do consider drilling a few holes in the bottom.

Use also galvanized screws or nails as this will last longer and will not rust easily. Prior to hammering or screwing in the wooden panels, you want to line them with stick glue first and this will actually make the resulting bird feeder a whole lot stronger.

3. You can decide to paint the bird house feeder or to keep it simple.

If you decide to paint the feeders, go for lead-free paints in light tones.

4. Your bird feeders should have a coating of linseed oil.

You want the wood to be moist in this case. If you opted to cover your wood project with paint, you will not need to coat it with linseed oil anymore.

5. Ask the kids to do the easy tasks

You can ask the kids to participate in the easy portion of the project such as holding pieces of wood together or giving to you required materials such as nails. Always take the necessary precautions if electrical equipment and sharp objects are to be used. Provide the people with instructions on how to go about this project.

6. Bird feeders can be put up using three methods.

  • You can place them near a window
  • Hang them up.
  • Attach it to a pole if you wish.

There are a number of benefits that can be attributed to bird house feeder projects. Just remember to advise the kids not to chase or approach the birds while they are eating on the feeder as this may shoo them away.

In time, all of you can have a regular bird watching past time.