What Do You Need To Know About Cardinal Bird Feeders?

Cardinal Bird FeedersNow that you have a window bird feeder at home, you can look forward to a lot of things. After you have set your cardinal bird feeders up, all you have to do is put some food in it and wait for the birds to arrive.

Do not lose hope though if the birds do not come as quickly as planned when it comes to your cardinal bird feeders in the yard.

Cardinal Bird Feeders

In your backyard lies a new bird feeder with plenty of food inside it but why are the birds not coming down to eat?

  • What do you have to do to attract these birds?
  • Where did you install the cardinal bird feeders?
  • Is there access for non-bird creatures in the location of the feeder?
  • Is it a hanging bird feeder?

Though it is true that birds can also found solace in trees and its large branches, other animals that live there such as raccoon and chipmunks are considered to be an enemy when it comes to bird foods.

1. Consider the location of your cardinal bird feeders

Considering that your backyard cardinal bird feeders still fail to attract cardinals and other birds, go through the questions one more time, you probably answered them with a yes. When it comes to this, you should consider finding a high and stationary place for the bird feeders and what this will do is ensure that other creatures will not be able to access the feeders.

2. Consider the kind of bird feed

After deciding over a location, you need to consider the kind of bird feed that you will use for your cardinal bird feeders or wild birds feeders. Go with lots of black oil sunflower seed, safflower seeds, nuts and bread crumbs. In this case, try to put some water in a bowl and place it near your feeder to serve as drinking water or a bird bath.

3. Consider the time of bird feeding

When it comes to bird feed, take note of these options and your cardinal bird feeders will attract red birds. The early mornings and late evenings are the times of the day when these birds will go to the feeders.

4. Cardinals love fruits

Actually, cardinals love to eat fruits aside from the sunflower seeds. The feeders can be filled with cherries, berries, and grapes if there are no available seeds for the cardinals. You might also want to try having peanut butter mixes to add variety.

5. Let the birds familiarize and feel at home on your feeder

When a bird does visit your cardinal bird feeder, it is bound to return when it feels it safe for him to do so. In this case, you can expect visits from all sorts of birds with your cardinal bird feeders. It is easy for cardinals to socialize with other bird species even when it comes to eating in feeders.

6. Consider where to place the cardinal bird feeders

You might encounter problems if you place your feeder near a window pane or anything that gives a reflection for that matter. Charging out to an intruder is a common habit of male cardinals even if they are social birds. Charging out to his reflection in a glass window, the cardinal can end up hurting itself.

7. Keep the feeders always clean

When it comes to your cardinal bird feeders, keep them clean all of the time. Frequently brush away debris and sweep away birds droppings in the immediate area. Hopefully, these simple tips can let you now be rest assured that cardinals and other birds will start to continue in helping themselves in your feeder for regular periods of time.