Audubon Bird Feeders – What Do You Have To Know About It?



If you enjoy watching and feeding birds in your backyard, then chances are that you have a bird feeder or two hanging somewhere among the trees and landscaping.

It is especially important to feed birds throughout the year because much of their diet is obtained through backyard bird feeders.

As a benefit to you, when you feed birds in your backyard, you obtain the joy and relaxation of their beautiful songs and also the pleasure of watching them throughout the day.

One of the best brands to include in your backyard is the Audubon Bird Feeders. This is a company that researches and understands birds the best.

Audubon Bird Feeders

1. Audubon is a company that is dedicated to preserving wildlife and the natural habitats of its creatures.

They have teamed up with Woodlink to create a line of bird feeders that are safe and appropriate for birds. In addition they also offer other bird accessories such as bird baths, bird houses and bird feed. They have also added a line of bird feeders that are eco-friendly, made using reusable and recycled materials.

2. Audubon offers a variety of bird feeders for different types of birds.

They have an extensive tube bird feeder line as well as Hummingbird and Oriole feeders. A lot of their products also offer squirrel resistant features and they have even made an effort to offer dedicated squirrel feeders to keep those backyard pests happy. Mesh feeders, suet feeders, and weather guards are also offered.

3. Audubon and their excellent workmanship.

Both the workmanship and craftsmanship of Audubon bird feeders is excellent because the design is created by the bird experts of Audubon while the actual product is manufactured by the woodworking experts of Woodlink. Woodlink happens to be the sole licensee established to manufacturer Audubon bird feeders and accessories.

When you place one or even several Audubon bird feeders in your backyard to create a bird feeding station you can be positive that you are providing the best for the birds that visit you and bring you so much pleasure and joy everyday.

It is the least you can do for such magnificent creatures. It should be a comfort knowing that you are helping the birds and the environment at the same time.