What You Should Know About Finch Cages?

Finch Cages

Preparing your finch cages is the first thing to do before purchasing the birds. They are capable of entertaining themselves quite well, but at the same time they must be happy in your home so it is up to the owner to make sure the environment is suitable for them to live in.

Tips on Choosing Your Finch Cages

1. The size of the cage is the first thing to take into consideration

Size should be at least two and a half feet in length with the bars very close together, so as to prevent them from escaping. They are very small and active so it is essential that they have enough room to take short flights from perch to perch.

2. Having more than one cage is helpful

This is because it also means having a place for them when you are cleaning the main one. It is also important that your finches cages are not cluttered but several accessories inside are necessary.

3. Two finch feeders should be available at all time

  • There should be one for food and one for water.
  • A few extra dishes placed in the cage at different times with treats or grit.
  • A small nest box for your finches to sleep in at night.
  • Another dish put in the cage several times a week for bathing.

4. At the bottom of the finch cages it is a good idea to sprinkle grit or lay grit paper

5. The last thing to consider is a perch for them to rest on or fly from

On choosing the perch, the size will depend on the size of the cage. Perches are also great for exercising their feet. When it comes to perch materials some experts suggest collecting branches of maple trees, poplar or elm trees.

6. Your finch cages will also need toys, bells, plastic rings or other shiny objects

Other accessories available are beads, ladders, mirrors and swings. It is good to have a collection of them using a few at a time and changing them often to give your finch some variety.

7. A bird protector is a great way to prevent mites

It is a small disk you attach to the side of the finch cages. This is a good option but it’s not going to make much of a difference whether it’s there or not.

8. Cleaning your finch cages

Usually a cage should be cleaned once a week. It is a very very simple process.

  • Lay brown paper bags, newspapers cut to size, or paper towels at the bottom of the cage
  • Use hot, soapy water to clean the whole cage, inside and out, and also the accessories
  • Rinse and dry it.

When creating the inside of your finches cages it is necessary they feel comfortable, this will make it a much more enjoyable experience for both you and the birds. They a beautiful little birds and it is essential they live in a healthy environment.