How To Buy Bird Cages Factors

buy bird cagesChoosing from among the many available bird cages for one that’s just right for your pet bird can be more complicated than you’d have thought.

Not only do you have to have a cage that fits well in your own living space, but you must also consider that different types and sizes of cages are specific for different types of pet birds; you also must consider your bird’s physical needs as well.

In fact, even the bird’s psychological needs should be taken into account when you’re selecting a cage, because too tight a confinement can be very distressing for a creature originally meant to fly freely through open spaces.

Factors You Need To Buy Bird Cages

Buy Bird Cages Factor 1

. The first factor to consider when you buy bird cages is not merely the size of the space they’ll be in, but the ambiance of the room itself.

You need to prepare a clear, secure space where the cage can sit or hang at eye level. It should be close enough to the activities of the room to allow for some social interaction with family members.

For the sake of bird health, though, the cage should also be placed away from drafts and windows, and should not sit in full sunlight. You also need to ensure that no other pets, such as cats, can get at it.

Buy Bird Cages Factor 2

. The size of the interior of the cage is absolutely crucial.

A cockatiel bird will need a much larger cage than a budgie, and both will need to be able to spread their wings, flap and even fly a short distance. Vets strongly recommend against round bird cages, since the birds need finite reference points as they climb the cage bars.

You can end up with a psychologically damaged bird if you don’t give it a cage with enough space or the correct physical parameters.

Naturally, there also need to be plentiful places to provide bird food and water, but the psychological aspects of bird cages truly are just as important as simply seeing to the physical needs of your pet.

If you can provide not just food and shelter to your bird, but also enough space and mental stimulation as possible, then the bird will be healthy and happy, and will grace your home with beauty and song for its entire life.